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2016….. Out


Well it can’t just be because I’m old that 2016 has flown by so quickly that I haven’t had time to catch my breath because after speaking to so many people, you all seem to think the same, so maybe I’m not so old after all 😉

January started in a windwhirl as it so often does when I introduced a new January program Re:Sculpt which sold out of it’s 12 places and also bought in for the first time some new faces most of which are still a strong part of our community

February bought in some more new faces as I bought back our ladies signature lifting program Pretty Strong which also sold out. Another new face that came in was new 6.30am coach Adam Bailey who started running 2 morning classes each week teaching his CrossFit style sessions. I also had a conversation with 2 of our most regular and influential members Tasha and Carly who then became Team Leaders helping me to run sessions etc which has made a huge difference having a team behind me to rely on.

March was interesting when I had to cancel a whole day of sessions cause we had a massive flood 1st thing in the mornings mid PT session with Dani JT which resulted in us both trying to sweep a tidal flood into buckets and tip them outside haha. During the course of that day I counted 72 full buckets of water that I emptied for the gym floor. A week or so later we held our Sports Relief Charity Workout which was awesome and raised a little over £1000.00

April saw the first of a few obstacle mud races done by 4 of our team which has been the catalyst for our own #TeamAPT  OCR Team which has grown considerably from 4 to around 10 or so signed up for 2017 Tough Mudder and quite a few other races.

May was the start of our first Silverwolf program and also the introduction of Barbell Club . I also became the Official “Local Health and fitness expert on BBC Hereford and Worcester” which put me on the radio being interviewed ( grilled) on various subjects in the news at that time. Expect to hear more of those in 2017.

June was a little uneventful except that I had been booked to run a school sportsday bootcamp and unbeknown to me at the time, Tina also booked our holiday on the same day oops :/ Anyway, after some cross gym explanations, I managed to pull in some help from another of our fitness friends who pulled off a great day for the children.

July was fairly quiet with holidays etc but we did start another new Silverwolf program and I was on the radio a lot more 🙂

August  was a stressful month as it became apparent that our current facility was becoming available to let from it’s previous tenants and I was torn between staying within my comfort level or taking a chance and huge risk and taking on a unit almost twice the size. In other news, a team of us entered a new online weekly workout platform with some athletes doing very well for themselves.

September for me was just a whirlwind, I had exactly a month to turn the old Magbility building into a new cutting edge, world class private training facility all while still running the business and sessions from the barn building. 18 hour days were not uncommon that month but we did it.

October was the opening of our new facility and I now know that it was the right choice to move ( I wasn’t saying this in September though ) as our numbers have increased with the extra space with so much more potential to come.

November was a time to consolidate what we had achieved and kick back a little whilst still building our membership. We also opened our FitCycle Spin Studio in the studio room of the facility

December brings us right up to date where we had our 5th Anniversary as a business celebrated with a Christmas Party at the Hilton Hotel for 33 of us and what an awesome night that was.


So what is in store for 2017 ?

Who really knows, all I know is that we have increased our group training programs from 12 per week in 2016 to 25 per week in 2017 with lots more scope to increase further in the future. We are introducing a new referral plan so that members can get rewarded for bringing friends and family into our community. We have 3 A.P.T community weddings coming up in 2017. We will be planning more social events and hopefully charity social event in 2017. Finally, all of our members both old and new will be getting all of their goals achieved in 2017 if I’ve got any say in it 🙂


Happy new year to all of my members, friends, family and new fitfam still to join us 🙂


Much love

Mark and Tina