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Aim For Progress Not Perfection

Tips and Advice

I am often asked about nutrition and “can I eat this”, “should I eat that” and whilst I don’t profess to be a nutritionist, I do know more than the average Joe.

My advice, find what works for you and aim for progress, not perfection.

Everyone has to eat…fact. This is why nutritional progress is such an important practice. When people start a ‘diet’ or a decide to ‘cut out eating all the crap’, it is often an all or nothing approach. For some people this works. They find the focus and strict guidelines easy to adhere to. However, in my experience this is not a sustainable approach for the majority.

However I often see the stress that is caused when someone is on a strict eating plan and they don’t have access to the specific foods they need.

Perfection shouldn’t be a goal because the outcome will always be failure, after all, how do you define perfection?

You still need to set goals and set the bar high to give yourself  focus but always  keep the process in mind.

For instance, if you want to achieve a really low body fat percentage, changing every part of your nutrition may not be the quickest way of getting there but by focussing on the processes and  making progress will help you to reach that goal.

One of the keys to achieving your goal is that the process to get there should be enjoyable, practise with different recipes and try different foods.

Putting yourself under pressure to get your nutrition prefect can cause a lot of stress and you really need to minimise the unhealthy stressors in your life.  No-one can eat perfectly all the time, what is perfect after all?


There is no end goal with perfection, by breaking it down and focussing on progress, you will actually achieve things. This in turn leads to more motivation as you progress which leads to a more awesome YOU.


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