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Personal Training

Personal Training is the ultimate path to success when it comes to achieving your sports and fitness goals. Mark Lammas offers a bespoke Personal Training programme constructed from years of knowledge and experience, designed to provide maximum results with dramatic improvements to strength and conditioning.

Is personal training for me?

The short answer is definitely yes! Personal training is just that… personal… made for you. So whether you are looking to loose weight, tone up, build muscle or become a top athlete in your sport, a personal training programme will ensure that you achieve your goals. If you are still unsure then contact Mark for a chat and he will be happy to offer advice.

Is personal training better than group training?

Both group and personal training sessions are excellent ways to improve on your fitness, but the benefit of personal training is that the entire session is focused on you! Whatever the workout, it’ll be designed around your abilities and your goals, with the aim of helping you improve yourself and achieve those goals at the fastest rate possible.

What type of equipment is available?

At Athletic Performance Training you’ll have access to a great variety of training equipment including Kettlebells, Sandbags, Tyres, Free Weights and even Atlas Stones! The workouts designed for you by Mark will be varied and changing constantly, so you will get to use the equipment you already love as well as trying out new things. Don’t worry though as Mark will always be on hand to guide you with your technique ensuring that your personal training is both effective and safe.

How to get involved;

If you are interested in a personal training programme, or any of our other training options, then please contact Mark for more information today;

Tel: 07930 753784

Email: athlete.p.t@btinternet.com

England Netball Player – Danielle Jordan-Taft

Rising Rugby star Charley Robinson, Strength Training

See what our clients have to say;
“Constantly pushed both mentally and physically but with support and great encouragement. For a trainer that didn’t know much about my sport (Netball) when we met, everything that’s set for me is explained how it will benefit my sport. I feel this is all about me, no frills just hard work. I have never got results this quickly before. I’m looking forward to this seasons game play to see the real results!!!”
Danielle Jordan-Taft – England Netball
“Great way to exercise & keep in shape…no machine’s just pure manpower!…love it!!”
Fiona Heydon