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Christmas Booze Swops

Tips and Advice

At Christmas, for many of us the alcohol can be quite free flowing. Especially at Christmas parties, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself.

In the run up to these days though, we can still keep control and make some smarter choices and swaps when it comes to alcohol. Helping us keep on track.

So here are a few of those swaps that you might find handy in the run up to Christmas:

Baileys – 129 cals per 37ml


Sherry – 115 cals per 50ml

Mulled Wine – 190 cals per 120ml


White wine – 87 cals per 120ml

Whiskey – 64 cals per 25ml


Vodka – 50 cals per 25ml

Coca Cola – 150 cals per 330ml


Lemonade – 55 cals per 330ml

Cider – 230 cals per pint


Beer – 164 cals per pint


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