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How much do you drink?

Tips and Advice

WATER IS CRUCIAL FOR WEIGHT LOSS…….. more recently, I have been checking our members ( and some prospective members) body stats using our medical Tanita Body analysis scales and quite frankly, I’m shocked by how low some peoples water percentage is ( an average water percentage should be around 50ish % ).

It is so important for your general health to have a well balanced body water percentage but if you are looking to lose some bodyfat, well I’m afraid that just ain’t going to happen unless you regulate your water intake.

Chug more water 💦 BURN MORE FAT!!!🔥 FACT: If the human body consumes a pint of water in a given hour, the metabolic rate will spike by as much as 30% for the next 30 to 40 minutes! By committing to drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day, you can expect to lose 2 plus pounds within the first week alone.

HOW and WHY?

Because there is a single enzyme (called lipase) that MUST be activated in your body in order to mobilize fat (i.e. get rid of it). Water is one of the many necessary components in the activation of Lipase 💧 In other words, your fat loss is LIMITED if you aren’t drinking enough H2O. 😳 Reason enough to get guzzling!!

Need more reasons to chug-a-lug? Adequate water intake will also:
*improve mental clarity
*curb cravings
*suppress appetite
*lubricate and cushion achy joints
*help clear skin

Get your gallon, flavour that water with your favourite BCAA’s, and use our 10-Gulp Rule (each time your lips touch the jug, take 10 gulps). Your body, face, mind, and scale will thank you!


For more info about nutrition or joining us at A.P.T contact Mark at athlete.p.t@btinternet.com