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Lose Weight Now !!!!! ( Without calorie counting )

Tips and Advice

Most of us want or need to get rid of unwanted bodyfat but, I know, it’s not an easy journey


“Exercise more, eat less, and you’ll lose weight.” We’ve heard it from doctors, registered dieticians, and nutritional organizations who truly believe that calories are the only reason our weight fluctuates up and down. In all actuality, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The truth is that different foods influence hormones and hunger in various ways, which means that all calories are NOT created equal. In fact, all of that calorie counting you may be doing in an attempt to lose weight isn’t even necessary.


There have been many studies published which show that by reducing simple refined carbs, weight loss is kick started without too much effort.  Start by cutting out sweets, fizzy drinks ( even diet versions ), most breakfast cereals and starchy carbs such as pasta, bread and potatoes. If cutting the starchy carbs is too difficult at the moment, try using wholemeal bread and pasta and swop white potatoes for sweet potatoes.


Next, add more protein to your diet, it will help to keep you full which will decrease your hunger.  This is because proteins take longer to digest  in the body and will therefore increase your metabolism, which turns on the fat burning ability and  speeds up calorie burning.  Added protein will also help to build muscle mass which in turn burns even more calories and will help you to look better. Try adding more eggs, fish and meat to your diet for best results.


Fibre added to your diet in the form of high water content fruit and veg will also decrease appetite and make you feel fuller for longer.


Do you still cook with vegetable oil?

Try replacing it with coconut oil, this is full of medium chain triglycerides which is a fatty acid that gets digested by the liver and turned into energy.


One of the most crucial factors for losing bodyfat is optimising hormone levels. A key factor of this is reducing stress and ensuring enough sleep. Not enough sleep can increase obesity levels in adults by up to 55% and stress increases cortisone levels, this is a nasty hormone as it leads to the accumulation of bodyfat and can lead to chronic disease.



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