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New Developments


It’s been a while since I last blogged, it is a goal of mine to start blogging at least a couple of times each week but just lately I have felt a little overwhelmed by how busy I have been.  Don’t get me wrong, I still continue to love what I do and I know that I’m blessed to have such awesome members/clients/fitfam but that is no accident or luck, I have spent the past 5 years building the A.P.T brand to become what it now is and we are continuing to build our fitfam slowly but surely.

When we moved into the new facility last year, we bought in a spin instructor and used the rear studio as a dedicated spin studio but unfortunately she struggled to fill her classes through lack of marketing and no real direction. Fast forward a month or so and we are on the verge of having a new PT studio and sports therapy clinic run independently but under the overall umbrella of A.P.T by International Powerlifter Kelly Phasey. Kelly will be doing her own PT from there and also looking after both her own therapy clients and providing sports massage and therapy to our members. She will also be on hand to provide cover with coaching in the main facility.

Last week we also had a meeting with Aston Villa legend Tony Daley that will be mutually beneficial and provide a little kudos. Tony is due to launch a new 3 tier fitness program which will see him carrying out his coaching at A.P.T whilst strongly advising his clients to join our group coaching sessions to supplement his own program.


We now also have an independent sports supplement supplier who will deliver next day to the facility on most brands with by far our biggest seller to date being Grenade Carb Killa protein bars which taste just like a choc bar from the shops but with only around 2g of sugar and 18g of protein.


The final news is that on Monday 20th February we are launching a brand new for 2017 Silverwolf men’s program which will run twice per week at 6.30am. We have a maximum of 12 guys on this program with 7 spaces sold out  as soon as I put the feelers out to see if it was feasible. As there are only 5 places remaining contact me on athlete.p.t@btinternet.com urgently if you or someone that you know would like a place


If you have any comments, thoughts or questions, please ask.