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The Top 5 Exercises For Guys Over 30

Tips and Advice

When you hit your 30’s and over it often feels like life is beating you down into submission.

Young family, maybe a high flying career full of meetings, sitting around, stress, trying to juggle family time in there as well but you can’t just roll over, if you do, you might as well just give in to it all and let me tell you, that doesn’t make for a happy life.


The average busy guy who doesn’t have time to train consistently, hates Monday mornings, struggles to get out of bed in the morning cause he is constantly tired and achy with a bad back ( insert your injury ), tight shoulders from stress, bloated stomach from too many take aways and business lunches, doesn’t need to find an hour or more everyday to exercise. Early morning ( especially in the summer when mornings are light ) get training done and dusted for the day before 7.15, shower, behind your desk ready and invigorated to start the day.


These exercises will help to increase your strength, vitality, endurance, testosterone production, muscular definition and your sexual desire.  Don’t forget, this is my top 5, opinions will differ as will circumstances.



The king of training exercises, squatting is just about the most functional exercise known to man. We were born to squat, don’t believe me? Just watch young children playing and picking things up from the floor, more often than not, they squat naturally with great form.

If you avoid squats, it is a huge mistake, how will you be strong enough to sit down and stand up or even go to the toilet when you get older or pick up your children?  There are many variations of squats that you can and should use, such as bodyweight air squats, goblet squats, front squats, back squats, overhead squats using bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, odd objects, you name it.



Carrying objects of all descriptions is one of the best strength exercises that guys can do. How often are you asked to carry toolboxes, children, furniture, etc all over the place, up and down stairs?

Utilise both two handed and unilateral carries on both sides to get the most out of this exercise which will build raw strength particularly in your core as it stabilises the weight and your grip strength.



Deadlifts are on just about every list I’ve ever read related to the best exercises for men and for good reason. Deadlifts simulate one of the most common day to day activities which is picking things up off the ground.

Whether it’s kids, furniture, landscape materials, boxes, suitcases, etc., learning to hinge properly and having strength through this movement pattern is critical for overall health and integrity of the spine.

Deadlifts stimulate nearly every muscle in the body making them an incredibly time efficient exercise for anyone with little time to train.




Overhead presses are incredible for building overall strength and are critical for developing the ability to press objects overhead safely; especially when off balance, standing on a ladder, etc.

Overhead presses in my opinion should be trained multiple times a week and in varying positions, including: seated on the floor/bench (Savickas press, Arnold press), standing (barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell overhead press), off balance (single arm dumbbell/kettlebell press), and under heavy instability (kettlebell bottoms up press, keg press etc).



Although not strictly a strength movement, I couldn’t leave this out of a top 5  list.

The KBS works virtually every body part, in particular, the whole of your posterior chain ( the back of your body from ankles to neck ), the hinge hip pattern, grip strength, core strength and stability. KBS can be used to build strength, for conditioning, for general health and I think should be included in everyone’s training regime.


If you would like any further information about any of these exercises or how to structure them into a training plan or about our speciality men’s only training program at Athletic Performance Training then please let me know via email athlete.p.t@btinternet.com or 07930 753784