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What’s New ?


I really don’t write as many blog posts as I should and it is something that I am working on improving so that I can provide more value for  anyone reading this.


Here at Athletic Performance Training we have simplified our  training programs and timetable down to currently running just 3 signature programs.

Each program will run for 12 weeks and will be completely results based meaning that if you are training on our program at least 3 x per week and following the correct lifestyle outside of the gym then you WILL see results.

We will keep you accountable to your program by giving you a full Tanita body stats report and updating this either fortnightly or monthly depending upon your goals.

Each of our signature programs will run multiple times thoughout the week giving you full access to whichever program is best for you both early morning or later in the evening.


We have SILVERWOLF our men’s only transformation program aimed at guys with busy lifestyles who want to finally get that physique that they can be proud of.

Whether that is a busy executive who finds that his suits are getting a bit tight and really doesn’t know how to start to make that change or a “skinnyfat” guy who wants to get stronger and jacked up to aid his confidence, this is the program that finally delivers results.


Our ladies’ only signature program PRETTY STRONG will help women of all shapes and sizes to “tone up”, otherwise known as build muscle whilst losing bodyfat, this is the only way to achieve the  tone that most women aspire to. By lifting weights and getting stronger our women empower themselves to gain more confidence along the way. This program has produced some fantastic results for many of the women that train at A.P.T.


UNDERGROUND STRENGTH is our other program open to both guys and girls which is our signature strength and conditioning program ideal for both athletes from any sport ( both elite and recreational) and anyone who wants to train alongside their partner or the opposite sex.


Each of these programs runs for 12 weeks but can be joined onto at any time so you don’t have to wait for the next course to start. Each one has full accountability and is results guaranteed.


If any of these sound interesting to you, contact Mark on 07930 753784 for an initial chat or email athlete.p.t@btinternet.com

If we think you are a good fit for our programs, you will be invited to a FREE transformation session where we can find out more about you, give you a workout so that you can see for yourself how we do things and find out more information about how we can help you to finally achieve your fitness/health goals.