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We Are Easy to get to from Worcestershire and South Birmingham

When it comes to opportunities to exercise and build your athletic strength, nothing comes close to A.P.T gym close to Kidderminster, Hagley, and Bell Broughton. The following are some of the things to expect from us:

  • HIIT training

High-Intensity Interval Training incorporates low to moderate intensity intervals which are alternated with high-intensity intervals. At A.P.T, we apply HIIT to a huge variety of bodyweight exercises ensuring that you never get bored. If you are looking to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance, while burning greater fat than ever, you may consider enrolling for personal training in Fairfield near Bromsgrove and Hagley. We promise to help you burn fat more efficiently and speed up your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day.

  • Kettlebell training

In our kettlebell club near Hagley, we combine explosive strength with muscular endurance for an efficient and athletically optimized full body workout. With our personal training program, you can be sure to shrink your waistline and build muscles.

  • Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting

If you are looking for a gym where you can practice Olympic weightlifting and training which is easily accessable to both Worcestershire and South Birmingham, be sure to talk to us. We are one of the few places where you can practise these lifts as most commercial gyms don’t allow it. At our gym near Belbroughton, we do not just help you build your strength but we provide you with an opportunity to become the best weightlifter you can be. We also have an International powerlifter with multiple British titles on site to guide you to new safe PB’s

  • Strength and conditioning

Most athletes aim to improve their performance in the various disciplines they participate in. The role of our strength training and conditioning programs at our gym is to help you improve performance in your chosen sport.  Our program is much more than just weightlifting – it includes the development of the entire athlete to improve physical performance. There is a reason why we coach more elite and professional athletes than any other facility in the Worcestershire and Birmingham areas, because they come to us for real results.

  • Personal training

If you are looking to achieve your fitness goals through individual instruction and continuous evaluation, talk to us about our PT programs which are bespoke to each individuals needs and goals.  Our coaches combine one-on-one training with practical fitness to increase individual performance.

  • Group training

Come to A.P.T Gym  if you want to workout in a safe, friendly and fun environment where everyone is coached and you get individual attention without having to pay the hefty price of one-on-one training.